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Bronze tube, rod, sheet, angle, bearing
Copper rod, coil, sheet, bus bar
red brass, navel brass, nickel silver
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Architectural Products
Brass tube / rail / pole - flanges, anchors, brackets wait stations, handrails, fittings, end caps, brackets, posts
McMurray Metals Company
Texas Brass, Bronze, Copper Distributor
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MARVEL 8 - Band Saw - Our 1974 model has been a shop favorite for many years. Built to last, it no doubt has many more years of service ahead of it. The Marvel 8 is not for precision cutting but does stay reasonably close to the mark. We use it primarily to cut single and larger sized pieces. It auto feeds any metal shape and it's vertical 3-2 pitch blade saws metal up to 22" in diameter.

OD Capacity

.5" 22" All Metals and Shapes